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Whether you own a home or business in Billings, it’s important to keep your lawn looking great all year long. Unfortunately, with the changing seasons, it requires a lot more work than you might think. From raking leaves to proper fertilization, there is a long “to-do” list of items to complete during seasonal yard upkeep. Lucky for you, The Grounds Guys is here to complete the services you need help with, even if it's a one-time landscaping project.

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At The Grounds Guys of Billings, we provide you with all the lawn care services you need to clean your lawn and prepare it for the seasonal change. With decades of experience, advanced tools, and our crew’s professional experience, our team is dedicated to providing you with a convenient and reliable lawn care solution.

Some of the fall clean-up services we offer include:

  • Raking & composting leaves
  • Updating seasonal flowers
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Pruning
  • Cutting the grass
  • Mulching with leaves/grass clippings
  • Cleaning up branches & lawn debris

When you turn to The Grounds Guys, you can expect our team to create a personalized solution for your home or business’s lawn. Using Billings weather patterns, we will create a routine plan for seasonal yard work and upkeep. Our well-prepared plan ensures a pristine lawn every day of the year.

We offer affordable and professional Fall yard cleanup in Billings. Call or get a FREE quote now!

Why Should I Rake My Lawn’s Leaves?

When it comes down to it, raking your lawn’s leaves is much more than simply making your property presentable. You should always have your lawn’s leaves and other natural debris raked and cleared to promote a green, healthy, and beautiful lawn in Billings.

Some cons of not raking up your leaves include:

  • Kills Your Lawn’s Grass – When leaves cover your lawn’s grass, it cannot get the nutrients and sunlight it needs to keep its appearance. When leaves are ignored, your grass suffers and can be completely killed off if left alone for long enough.
  • Prevents Growth – Leaves compress your lawn’s surface, so things are unable to grow. Whether a flower bed, your grass, or a garden, leaves can prevent your yard from growing new life.
  • Increases Chance of Disease – With time, moisture and pests can start to gather in your lawn’s leaves. From snow mold to brown patches, your lawn can decrease its lifespan if left covered in leaves and other natural debris.
  • More Difficult to Clean – The longer you leave your leaves untouched, the more difficult your lawn becomes to clean when it’s finally time. Leaves become challenging to rake or shred due to colder temperatures and moisture.

All in all, raking up your leaves is a surefire way to keep your grass growing during any seasonal change. Instead of fidgeting with the old rake, give our team a call. From fallen leaves to grass clippings clean-up, our team will make sure your lawn is free of natural debris.

Personalized Lawn Maintenance Services

At The Grounds Guys of Billings, our team will meet you directly at your property. Not only will your lawncare expert learn about your lawn’s unique challenges and goals, but your expert will also take the time to develop a routine lawn maintenance service designed with your property in mind. Whether you have trees, grass, flowers, or a mix of all three, you can rest assured that our team will create a care plan that will keep your lawn looking green, healthy, and vibrant all year long.

If you’re ready to experience the difference, The Grounds Guys can make for your residential or commercial property in Billings, give our team a call today or contact us online to request your free estimate!

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