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Not only can landscaping take a lot of work, but the maintenance requires a lot of attention as well. That said, a professionally maintained landscape looks incredible.

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At The Grounds Guys, our professionals provide landscaping services for every part of your lawn and landscape, from pulling weeds in the beds to power washing hardscapes.

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We offer the following landscaping services:

  • Lawn & Bed Maintenance – Our work includes our popular services for a great-looking lawn and bed, from mowing the lawn to pulling weeds.
  • Landscape/Hardscape – We can plant new shrubs or even build a hardscape project, such as a concrete pathway. We can also include power washing to keep all your hardscape surfaces clean.
  • Pest, Weed & Fertilization – Naturally, pests are drawn to natural landscapes, but we can help keep them away with eco-friendly solutions. We also pull weeds from beds and fertilize turf and plants.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Lighting can be a vital part of the landscape because there’s no better way to showcase your lawn than by installing lights that make it stand out.
  • Snow & Ice Management – Laurel averages 48 inches of snow per year, so we can prepare your landscape to survive the winter better and manage all snow and ice that accumulates on your lawn.
  • Irrigation – A proper irrigation system allows your landscape to receive maximum watering efficiency, so the grass and plants live longer and stay flourishing.
  • Artificial Turf – Artificial turf allows for a lower maintenance alternative to real turf, so you can save on water bills and forget about the constant work needed to keep grass alive.

Let us know if you’re interested in elevating your landscape with a new fountain, you need a repair on an irrigation system, or you’re ready to start with one of our other services.

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Lawn Care Services

Turf Health

Maintaining your turf’s health is imperative for a beautiful lawn because grass sets the foundation for other landscaping. If your turf is healthy, most of your landscaping will look great. However, turf is susceptible to pests, diseases, and other harmful conditions like overwatering and weeds. The good news is we can address these problems, and our professionals can help make sure your turf stays healthy year-round.

A few ways we keep your turf healthy include:

  • Dethatching – Thatch is the layer of dead turf on your grass that prevents the live grass from receiving adequate water and nutrients. Thus, removing the layer of dead turf by dethatching is essential to healthy turf.
  • Aeration – In addition to dethatching, we can aerate your turf by breaking up the soil underneath, which can often prevent water and nutrients from reaching roots.
  • Topdressing – This means adding a layer of soil over turf, which can fill gaps, provide nutrients, and even out the lawn.

In addition to the above methods, we keep your turf healthy through general maintenance, including pulling weeds, watering just enough, and mowing. With our professionals performing maintenance, your turf can remain healthy all the time.

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Lawn Fertilization

You can’t answer the question of when to fertilize by merely saying, “in the spring.” A lot of factors can affect the timing. For example, you want to fertilize before it rains, but not too early or too late. You also need to ensure the type of fertilizer is of high quality, either provided by a reputable company or our professionals. Finally, the type of grass you have also changes the timing and type of fertilizer you should be using—without an expert opinion, your lawn may not be receiving the most efficient fertilizing.

Residential Landscaping

There are many benefits to hiring professional landscapers for your residence to handle your Laurel landscape maintenance. These benefits include:

  • Environmental Benefits – Our landscapers use plants native to Laurel, which ensures they grow efficiently. Plus, growing more plants and trees is always good for the environment in general.
  • Luxury – Investing in beautiful plants, turf, and other landscaping elevates your home by impressing guests and even increasing curb appeal.

These are only a couple of examples. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Commercial Landscaping

Our services don’t stop at residences—we also provide Laurel commercial landscaping! Our professionals can take your landscape to the next level, so you can attract more customers or leave your guests with a positive experience. We can service hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and more! Whether you want to implement a new change to the landscape, or you simply want reliable maintenance, you can rely on our professionals!

How Much Is Landscaping Maintenance?

Laurel landscape maintenance costs depend on several factors, including the size of your landscape, the location of your property, and the length of time it will take to complete your landscaping needs. For example, the larger your property is, the more grounds care specialists will be required to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time. However, The Grounds Guys design our maintenance plans to be thorough and affordable. Our monthly landscape maintenance plans in Laurel start at $149 a month and vary depending on the factors mentioned above. Give our team at The Grounds Guys a call to discuss your landscaping needs and request an estimate today!

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The Grounds Guys is a Neighborly Company. Lawn care and landscaping are some of the many home maintenance solutions available to you through Neighborly. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home services needs.

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