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Whether you’re looking for edging services to define your flower bed or general lawn care services to keep your weeds under control, our professionals at The Grounds Guys can help! Regardless of the service you’re looking for, our Kemp lawn care experts have the experience, knowledge, and tools to complete a variety of lawn services to keep your residential or commercial property looking its absolute best.

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What Garden Zone is Kemp, Texas In?

You may know that Kemp, Texas, is found in garden zone 8, but what does this mean? Determined by weather patterns, the U.S. Department of Agriculture divides the country up into 11 growing zones. These zones give gardeners help with identifying what plants will grow well in their region.

Garden zone 8 houses a relatively long growing season. Typically lasting around eight months, zone 8 features a climate that allows you to choose and a wide variety of veggies and flowers when planting.

Averaging around 41 inches a year, Kemp gets quite a bit of rain annually, so routine lawn care is imperative to keep it looking its absolute best.

When it comes to colder weather, the winter low is found in January – going as low as 35 degrees. The last frost day in zone 8 is February 1-28, so it’s essential to make sure to dive into flower planning around two weeks after this occurs. After the frost date, you should be able to plant annuals and perennials with much ease.

Flower Bed Maintenance in Kemp

Planting beds can quickly take any home or business lawn from pleasing to absolutely beautiful. Of course, with any addition to your lawn, it takes a lot to keep it maintained – especially when you already have so much on your plate. At The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake, we provide locals of Kemp, Texas, and surrounding areas with professional, high-quality flower and gardening bed maintenance services.

A landscaper must conduct proper maintenance on your commercial or residential planting bed, so your plants can thrive and look stunning – just the way you intended! At The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake, we can perform the following services to keep your planting bed looking healthy and clean:

  • Edging – Edging is essential to maintain a bed’s cleanliness and sharp definition. Edging also helps ensure that your flowerbed stands out.
  • Pruning – Flowers and shrubs require pruning throughout the year. Pruning encourages growth and helps maintain a manicured and uniform look for your bed. It also helps decrease the chances of disease.
  • Seasonal Color – With the help of our professionals, you can help ensure the correct plants are being planted every season to ensure your flower bed always looks its best.
  • Weed Control – When it comes to planting beds, weeds must be dealt with accordingly. Weeding helps ensures that your plants are getting the water, sunlight, and nutrients they need – while making the bed look cleaner.
  • Pest Control – Our pest control services can help ensure those pesky pests stay away from your planting beds – and wherever else they may show up.
  • Watering, Mulching, & Fertilizing – These three things help promote growth and maximize your flowers’ bloom and color!

Whether you’re looking for a one-time flower bed installation or routine yard maintenance services, our professionals have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your lawn care questions! From recommendations on what to plant to proper care, our professionals are dedicated to you and your lawn.

The Grounds Guys Lawn Care Services

Regardless of the specific goals of your lawn, our team of professionals can perform a variety of lawn services to help it achieve its full potential.

Some of the other services we provide in Kemp includes:

  • Fall Clean-Up – Some of the services we include in our fall clean-up packages include raking up those pesky leaves, updating seasonal flowers, weed control, pruning, mulching, and more to make sure your lawn is looking great to enter the next season!
  • Spring Clean-Up – With our spring clean-up services, we complete edging, mowing, hauling away debris, cleaning away branches, aeration, and so much more!

Turf Maintenance – To keep your grass looking green, lush, and healthy, our professionals can complete a variety of turf maintenance methods.

  • Property Maintenance – Regardless of the size of your home or business in Kemp, we can provide proper services to help ensure your whole property’s look is taken care of – all while helping you achieve your lawn’s goals.
  • Irrigation Repair – Whether you’re dealing with an ineffective system or busted sprinkler heads, our team can assist in a variety of irrigation repairs to ensure your system is working correctly!

When you’re looking for residential or commercial lawn maintenance and care in Kemp and the rest of the Cedar Creek Lake area, be sure to turn to the locally owned and operated team at The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake. Equipped with some of the best tools in the industry, our professional experts are dedicated and excited to help create the lawn of your dreams – and maintain it for years to come!

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