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Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Athens, TX on a MapIf you're looking for reliable and high-quality landscaping and lawn care services, talk to our team at The Grounds Guys. Our landscapers are known for their dependable, efficient landscape management and excellent customer service skills. From lawn mowing to pruning shrubs to big one-time landscaping projects, we can handle any landscaping task you might have.

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Why Is Landscaping Important?

Even before a person walks up to your door, they get a first impression of you through your landscape. How does your front yard look? Does it accurately reflect you, your ideals, and your qualities? Does it do your home or business justice? If not, it may be time to think about improving it.

Landscaping not only contributes to a great first impression, but it also improves the quality of life of you and those around you. A beautiful lawn or garden can improve your mood or attract customers to your business. It even benefits the environment by filtering dust and pollutants out of the air and adding oxygen to the atmosphere.

Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Lawn and Flower BedsGreat landscaping can be as simple as maintaining a beautiful front or back lawn. If you don't have the time to maintain your lawn regularly, it could grow out of control. An unkempt lawn encourages weed growth, which, in turn, encourages pests such as mice and gophers to move in. Let us handle the hard part! Give our lawn care professionals in Athens, TX, a call if you need your lawn maintained once or regularly.

Lawn Fertilization Services

Part of our services includes providing your lawn with regularly scheduled lawn fertilizer. While fertilizing your lawn could be a DIY project, it's not as simple as it looks. Fertilizer comes in many forms, and there are different types of fertilizers you might use depending on your species of grass. If you use the wrong fertilizer or too much fertilizer, your grass could end up looking patchy and unhealthy.

Part of effective fertilization also involves flower and plant bed maintenance and weed control. Our team can provide fertilizer and mulching services in addition to protecting your lawn from weeds and other pests.

Seasonal Services

Skilled landscaping also changes with the seasons. HoFall in Texasw you landscape in the summer is not how you landscape in the winter. Our residential landscaping team understands the local weather in Athens, TX, so we're fully prepared to protect your yard from the harsh heat of the summer and the cold winter climate.

We can handle all of the following year-round:

  • Pruning: Pruning is an essential part of ensuring the health of your plants and shrubs. Not only does it keep them neat, but it helps them stay structurally sound and reduces the likelihood that they'll catch diseases. Pruning also depends on the type of plant you're growing and what season you're in.
  • Spring clean-up: Preparing your yard for spring can involve a lot of clean-up. Even if Athens doesn't get much snow, the fall season does bring its fair share of debris. Each spring, our team can do a massive clean-up of your yard, including hauling away clutter, mowing the grass, re-seeding your lawn, aerating your lawn, and re-edging and redefining your garden and flower beds.
  • Fall clean-up: Fall can be a messy time of year. Once the leaves start changing colors and falling, it's up to you to make sure your lawn is raked regularly. Alternatively, we can do that for you. Fall clean-up services not only involves raking leaves, but also updating seasonal flowers, controlling weed growth, clean-up up branches, and cutting the grass.
  • Mulching: Applying mulch to your yard is a great way to keep your flower beds at an even temperature. Our mulch comes in a variety of organic and inorganic forms. Mulch can also promote soil health. Talk to our experts to learn more about why mulch might be right for your yard.
  • Seasonal color: Some plants do best during certain times of the year. If you want your home or business to change with the season, our horticulturally trained team can design your landscape around multi-seasonal flowers and annuals.
  • Turf maintenance: Our team dedicates their time to caring for lawns across Athens, TX. We offer three types of lawn care packages designed to keep your turf looking its best throughout the year.
  • Irrigation repair: Part of lawn health includes ensuring your landscape is getting the right amount of water at the right times. If your irrigation system isn't working or isn't watering the right part of your yard, you could be wasting water. An effective irrigation system is a vital part of keeping your landscape healthy. Call us about our sprinkler repair services in Athens today!
  • Gutter Cleaning: Cleaning your gutters can be a massive hassle. Not only does it take an extensive amount of time, but it can be dangerous if you don't have the appropriate equipment. Call our team today about our gutter cleaning in Athens, TX.

Why The Grounds Guys?

Front YardOur team fully embraces The Grounds Guys' CARE ideal. We want our customers to be worry-free about the health and well-being of their yard, so we enjoy giving them peace of mind. Talk to us about how we can make your lawn care and landscaping troubles go away. Check out our Google reviews for more information about our work ethic and customer service skills!

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