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Let The Grounds Guys Provide Your Lawn Care Seed Service

Beautiful, lush, green lawns start with the highest quality grass seed. When planting grass seed for a complete lawn transformation, The Grounds Guys of Wichita is your local expert in Wichita and the surrounding areas, including Andover and El Dorado, KS. When you need a professional lawn seeding service for your yard, we’ll ensure your property is seeded thoroughly and correctly to drastically improve the look of your existing lawn.

In addition to lawn seed service, the team at The Grounds Guys offers professional lawn overseeding service as part of our residential lawn maintenance packages to fill in bare spots and create thick, healthy turf. When you trust us to handle your lawn needs, your beautiful yard will be the talk of the entire neighborhood. Call us today to learn more about our lawn seeding services!

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Complete Residential Lawn Seed Service

It's important for homeowners in Wichita, KS, to remember not all grass seeds are created equal. Our lawn experts will help you choose the right seed variety for your property based on your turf requirements, soil, and the climate you live in.

Once you’ve selected the best grass seed for your lawn, our team will prep the ground, broadcast the grass seed, and fertilize the soil. Before we leave, we’ll show you how to properly water and care for your soon-to-be lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Overseeding

Lawn overseeding is a practice that helps fill in any bare spots in your existing lawn. When applied to the entire yard, overseeding helps improve the overall density of your lawn. The best time to have a professional lawn overseeding service is the spring or fall because the seed has time to become established in the soil, and it isn’t stressed by foot traffic, pests, or drought. Our residential lawn aeration and overseeding services work great when used together because the holes created from the aeration process help the seed germinate and grow.

In addition to helping improve the look of your lawn, our overseeding service is great for the environment. If you see bare spots on your lawn, you should be seeding it. Soil erosion is the leading cause of nutrient pollution in our lakes, streams, waterways, and oceans. You can help prevent soil erosion by overseeding your lawn.

What Is Dormant Seeding?

The dormant seeding process involves seeding an area over the winter months (December through March). You sprinkle the seed in the areas that need thickening up, and throughout the winter, the freezing and thawing of the soil helps improve seed-to-soil contact and allows the seed to absorb water easily. Once it warms up in the spring, the seed will germinate and grow. This is a great way for homeowners throughout Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas to seed areas that don’t have an irrigation system.

While dormant seeding can be a reliable practice for homeowners to maintain their beautiful, lush lawns, it’s important to remember it largely depends on getting enough snow throughout the winter and spring rains. The seed won't germinate properly if there isn't enough moisture throughout the season.

When Should Your Lawn Be Seeded in Wichita, KS?

Certain times of the year are better for seeding than others, and it largely depends on the type of seed you're using. Cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, are best seeded during the fall (mid-August to mid-October). Seeding during the fall in Wichita, KS gives your grass all of the fall, winter, and spring to grow and mature before the summer heat returns.

Fall might be the best time to seed, but you can seed throughout the year if you have bare or thinning spots on your lawn. The team of experts at The Grounds Guys of Wichita can help you choose the best time for your lawn seeding service, depending on your property's needs.

Get Started on Creating Your Beautiful Lawn Today

When it comes to selecting the right team for your residential lawn seeding service, The Grounds Guys of Wichita is here for you for all your lawn care needs. Our lawn care professionals are licensed, certified, and expertly trained to ensure you receive lawn seeding services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the region's soil and climate and can provide lawn care solutions customized to your property's needs and preferences in Wichita, KS, and surrounding areas, including Andover and El Dorado. To find out more about our residential lawn seeding service or lawn seeding service cost estimates, contact our team today to request a free job estimate.

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