Residential Irrigation System Installation in Wichita, KS

Residential Irrigation System Installation & Repair Experts

Homeowners take pride in having a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Not only does it make your yard more visually appealing, but it increases your property value and makes it a more enjoyable space to live in. Keeping your lawn green and dense isn’t always easy. From pests to imbalanced weather conditions, your yard could struggle to get the amount of water it needs to thrive through the hottest seasons of the year.

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The Grounds Guys of Wichita have the skills, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment for residential irrigation system installation and repair for homeowners in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas, including Andover and El Dorado. Proper irrigation systems will keep your lawn and garden looking great. Without sprinklers and drip irrigation systems, your lawn, trees, and garden could struggle to stay healthy and vibrant. We can help you upgrade your current irrigation system and keep your lawn healthy for years to come. Call us today!

Professional Residential Irrigation System Installation

The team of irrigation experts at The Ground Guys of Wichita can help you decide what type of irrigation system is best for your property’s needs. Due to modern designs and advanced technology, the residential irrigation systems we offer are highly effective and eco-friendly.

  • Lawn Sprinkler System – Our irrigation experts will provide a customized solution for your property by designing our irrigation treatments around your lawn’s unique features and parameters to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We’ll do everything from setting the water timers to setting the spray direction to maximize the efficiency of your residential irrigation system.
  • Drip Irrigation – Drip irrigation systems are an extremely efficient way to deliver water directly to the root system of your lawn. A drip system involves a series of hoses buried by hand under the soil. This treatment effectively reduces evaporation, and its size can be customized for different species of plants and flowers. Drip irrigation systems help save water and prevent pests and diseases from taking over your yard.

Residential Design & Installation Process

The Grounds Guys of Wichita designs irrigation systems to be as sustainable as possible, aiming to lower the amount of runoff water on your property while improving drainage and maximizing the water retention of your lawn. In addition to improving efficiency, we adjust the water flow of your system to meet the different demands of various flowers, shrubs, trees, or grass species. We begin all our sprinkler and drip irrigation services by taking the following features of your property in Wichita into consideration:

  • The shape and type of your lawn
  • Your landscaping type and design
  • The size of each garden or flower bed
  • The overall size of your property and landscape
  • The type of soil
  • Water requirements

How Much Does Residential Irrigation System Installation Cost?

The cost of installing your irrigation system will vary depending on your property size and needs. Our team can give you an exact job estimate once we know more about your needs and preferences. Our professionally installed irrigation systems will not only save you time, but they will save you water as well.

A residential irrigation system can increase your home’s value, improve water efficiency, and prevent future diseases, pests, and weeds on your lawn. Our residential irrigation systems come with the ability to tailor your options to prevent wasted water.

Residential Irrigation System Repair

Our expert technicians are highly experienced in properly installing, maintaining, and repairing irrigation systems, ensuring your system provides reliable, dependable performance all season. Performing proper maintenance on your irrigation system is a great way to ensure it runs efficiently for as long as possible. When summer is over and the temperatures start to dip, our team can come to help prepare your system for the cold Wichita weather and winterize your irrigation system.

Contact The Ground Guys Today to Transform Your Yard

Are you tired of dead spots in your lawn and weeds taking over your yard? The Grounds Guys of Wichita are here with cost-effective residential irrigation system solutions. We’re licensed, certified, and thoroughly trained to ensure you receive the home irrigation system service you deserve.

Our expert team is knowledgeable about the region’s soil and climate and can provide lawn care solutions customized to your property's needs and preferences in Wichita, KS, and surrounding areas, including Andover and El Dorado. Contact our team today to request a free job estimate for residential irrigation system installation and service!

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