Meet the Grounds Guys of East Wichita

The Grounds Guys of East Wichita crew

From large scale commercial projects to your front lawn, we have a dedicated, hardworking team of professionals ready to serve you.

Meet the Owners- Jeff and Heather Baker

Jeff & Heather Baker and their familyJeff and Heather are proud to have served their country, as Jeff is a US Air Force veteran and Heather is a US Navy Veteran! They are still serving their local community in a different way, through their commitment to delivering excellent work with The Grounds Guys. Jeff takes pride in setting honest expectations, completing jobs in a timely fashion, and making East Wichita's outdoor spaces beautiful one yard at a time. Besides supporting the business, Heather also works as an advanced practice registered nurse in the cardiovascular field.

When they aren't busy delivering the highest level of customer service and managing the wonderful crews that make The Grounds Guys the best landscaping company in the area, the Bakers enjoy spending time with their four beautiful children. One child is in college, another has taken after Jeff and joined the US Air Force, one is in high school, and the last is in middle school. The Bakers are a crew in their own right!

Management and Administrative Team

Matt Brown- Operations Manager

Matt is the manager for overall operations and can not picture himself anywhere other than here at The Grounds Guys! Matt feels rewarded knowing he does the best he can for the customer and the company daily, by providing straightforward answers to help with their outdoor needs. He wants each customer to be more than happy that they chose to do business with us! When Matt isn't helping to grow the business he is spending time with his two children, and watching Star Wars.

Katy Humig - Administrative Assistant

Katy may not ride a mower but she is an invaluable part of the team! She handles appointment scheduling, general information, invoices, and keeps everything on the administrative side organized. Like every member of our team Katy takes pride in the excellent service that our customers receive and it shows in her work daily. Katy is married with two daughters that keep her busy cheering them on in sporting events. She also takes care of several animals on their small acreage!

Commercial Mowing Crew - 
Juan, Zudi, Brenton, and EricCommercial Mowing Crew

Juan, Zudi, Brenton, and Eric handle all large properties including, Schools, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Apartment Complexes, and Industrial facilities.

Darion- Mowing Team Lead

With 6 years of experience in the industry, Darion's love for the outdoors and working with his hands is impossible to miss. He believes that our level of professionalism sets The Grounds Guys apart, and he is thankful that he is able to provide for his fiancee and son by doing what he loves. In his off time, Darion likes to unwind by playing video games-ask him about his favorites the next time he and his crew are in your neighborhood.

Jaydon- Mowing Crew Member

Jaydon recommends The Grounds Guys because he and his team are committed to top quality service, as they strive to make every yard have a professional appearance. He feels that the jobs are rewarding, and is happy to work for a company where employees are kind to one another and work as a team. His hidden talent? Jaydon is an avid musician-he plays the drums and the guitar!

Brenton- Mowing Crew Member

Brenton has four years of experience in the landscaping industry and still says the most rewarding part of his job is seeing his own improvement in skills and customer experience! He's excited to see the company grow and thinks you should hire The Grounds Guys if you want the job done right. After hours Brenton still loves to stay outdoors as he enjoys fishing and hunting!

Residential Mowing Crew - 
Darion, Jaziel and AbiResidential Mowing Crew

Darion, Jaziel and Abi care for our residential customers and do it with a smile. Equipped with years of experience, your lawn will never look better.

Landscaping CrewLandscaping Crew - 
Manolo, Miguel, Max and Mis

Manolo, Miguel, Max and Mis have several years of experience with everything from grade work to laying sod and installing sprinklers.

Sutter- Chemical Technician

With a love for the outdoors and interacting directly with customers, Sutter is perfect for his job! He feels the Grounds Guys is the company to choose over all the others because they are more professional, have superior experience, and are very polite to customers. After a long day of making happy customers, Sutter enjoys music and art!

Irrigation CrewIrrigation Crew - Tyler and Manolo

Tyler and Manolo are the best at what they do. Backflow testing, sprinkler installation and repair, and more - they can do it all.

Tyler- IrrigationTechnician

The entire team here at The Grounds Guys is centered on our professionalism, but Tyler is a cut above the rest! Tyler is never afraid of a challenge, and enjoys fixing problems and making things right. With two years of experience, he loves working with irrigation and says the most rewarding parts of his job is being able to see the finished product.