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The Grounds Guys

Meet The Grounds Guys of East Wichita

Providing Lawn Service in Wichita, KS

From large-scale commercial projects to your front lawn, we have a dedicated, hardworking team of East Wichita landscape professionals ready to serve you.

Contact us at (316) 854-1443 for skilled landscaping services near you. Our five-star Wichita lawn care professionals are here to help.

Meet the Owners- Jeff and Heather Baker

Jeff and Heather Baker family

Jeff and Heather are proud to have served their country, as Jeff is a US Air Force veteran and Heather is a US Navy Veteran! They are still serving their local community in a different way, through their commitment to delivering excellent work with The Grounds Guys of East Wichita. Jeff takes pride in making outdoor spaces beautiful, one yard at a time, from El Dorado to Wichita!

Besides supporting their business, Heather works as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in the cardiovascular field and Jeff transitioned from being with the El Dorado police force to start The Grounds Guys of East Wichita.

Jeff says starting the franchise has been a “…life-changing experience”. The whole reason he and Heather decided to open the franchise is that they had grown up in very traditional, blue-collar, modest-income families and wanted to change the financial trajectory of their family—change the future of their kids and grandkids, and build some financial resources for them, be it college funds or inheritance. “We wanted to see what we were capable of doing in our natural lifetimes.”

When they aren't busy delivering the highest level of customer service and managing the wonderful crews that make The Grounds Guys of East Wichita the best landscaping company in the area, the Bakers enjoy spending time with their expanding family!

The Grounds Guys of East Wichita has been recognized for many reasons over the years: “FranchiseWorld” magazine regarding the rapid growth of The Grounds Guys of East Wichita, regarding the successfully transition from law enforcement to being a business owner featuring Jeff as an example, and the “Wichita Eagle” featured an article about running a successful landscape franchise, using Jeff as the main focus.

Please see our Meet the Team for more award information and how our team, and our services are here to help you!

Meet the Team

As a locally owned landscaping services company, The Grounds Guys of East Wichita’s team members provide services ranging from landscape and irrigation installation, to the maintenance and development of both, for client properties including corporate and residential, commercial, homeowners’ associations, healthcare facilities, schools, retail, and event locations.

In addition to offering a menu of services for any landscape and irrigation needs, The Grounds Guys of East Wichita offers winter services such as pre-treatments to avoid icing of parking lots and sidewalks, ice melt, and snow plowing for those wintery Kansas months.

The Grounds Guys of East Wichita was voted the Best Lawn Maintenance company in 2017, 2018, and 2019, and Best Landscaping company in 2017, 2018, and 2019 by “The Wichita Eagle”.

Please check out all of our team member’s bios. They are the backbone for The Grounds Guys of East Wichita.

  • photo of Jeff



    Jeff is a Kansas certified backflow tester through the “Kansas Heat and Plumbing Association”. Jeff is also a certified pesticide applicator with the “State of Kansas Department of Agriculture”.

    Jeff has specialty training in artificial turf installation, snow and ice management, and has hosted irrigation training for other irrigation technicians in other states including Canada.

    When it comes to his employees, Jeff believes that very few things produce a greater return on investment than the no-cost act of recognizing and showing value in his team. Jeff is also of the opinion that culture he has worked hard to instill: work ethic, integrity, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with The Grounds Guys Code of Care, are just a few of the reasons The Grounds Guys of East Wichita has become so successful.

    Jeff has also been recognized in The Grounds Guys brand for Excellence in Leadership in 2018, Builder of the Year in 2016 and 2017, Shining Star Brand Champion in 2016, Top Gun in 2017 and 2019 for being in the top 10% of all locations in revenue, and received a Personal Achievement Award in 2018.

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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional
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    Service Professional

    Tristyn is a Kansas certified backflow tester through the “Kansas Heat and Plumbing Association”. He is certified to install, repair, rebuild, and certify backflows for all types of sprinkler systems.

    Tristyn is also a registered technician with the “State of Kansas Department of Agriculture” to apply pesticides for our customers’ lawns.

  • photo of Wade


    Production Manager

    As Production Manager, Wade’s main goal is 100% customer satisfaction. He handles the day-to-day operations of managing multiple crews. You may find him in the trenches, knee-deep in mud some days, constantly talking with team members or customers on his cell, or working over spreadsheets and budgets. Either way, he is always busy!

    Wade has seasoned experience in irrigation installation including well supplied irrigation systems, and a deep construction background.

    On the weekends, you can find Wade coaching, or raising funds for the “Wichita Mustangs” softball team, or out making memories with his family while fishing or camping.

    Wade, was recognized franchise wide as the 2019 Sales Professional of the Year and was selected out of over 220 locations nationwide.