Weed Control & Prevention in Phoenix

Trusted Solutions to Protect Your Picture-Perfect Landscape

At The Grounds Guys of Arrowhead in Phoenix, you can trust our team to help restore your lawn's beauty with expert weed removal and control services designed specifically with your lawn in mind, plus the routine lawn care maintenance needed to put a stop to more in the future. We rely on years of local experience and

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I Want to Get Rid of Weeds in My Yard – What Do I Do?

Homeowners usually seek help with weed control services once weeds have become a problem. Whether they're dotting your driveway or hitting your ankles, don't delay with having them removed before things get any worse.

Weed Control Packages

We rely on trusted weed removal methods and processes to get things under control. So you know exactly what chemicals are being applied to your lawn, we offer three different weed control and lawn care programs:

  • Organic – Our organic lawn care processes allow us to skip traditional chemicals and opt-in solutions that are proven to be safer for people, pets, and the environment – with the same reliable results.
  • Traditional – This tried-and-true, traditional weed control method ensures that you will get the most effective weed control service available.
  • Hybrid – The hybrid service combines only some common weed-killing chemicals and allows us to continue maintaining a safe and effective form of weed control.

Whether you know exactly what you need, you're tired of attempting DIY solutions, or you have no idea where to start on the mess that is your front lawn, our local team can inspect your yard and help you decide on what's best for you and your family's needs.

I Want to Prevent Weeds – What Do I Do?

While eradicating weeds is one of our top lawn maintenance services, a good preventative regimen will go a long way toward helping your lawn stay beautiful year after year. The most effective form of weed killer is an emergent herbicide, either applied before or after they have grown.

Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment

Pre-emergent herbicides are used to attack weeds even before they even break ground, preventing the process of germinating and spreading. A good pre-emergent will prevent future seed production altogether, so you won't have to worry about service calls in the near future.

Attacking weeds before they break soil can save you a lot of time, money, and back-breaking labor down the road.

Post-Emergent Weed Treatment

If your weeds have already sprouted or taken over your lawn, a post-emergent herbicide will be needed. This solution is sprayed on the weed's leaves to attack the weed directly, killing it and saturating the soil to prevent more from popping up in the future.

We Stop Weeds Before They Start

Even though weeds seem like a minor inconvenience, they become a huge headache the longer they're left alone. We understand common weeds that affect Phoenix lawns, so we'll develop a custom plan to prevent the spread of native weeds across your home's beautiful landscape.

Stop your weeds now – give us a call to schedule your lawn care service in Phoenix or the nearby Arrowhead area.

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