Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation Services in Spokane, WA

Common Sprinkler Problems

Spokane lawn care is a full-time job, and few people have the time to take it on. However, a lush, green lawn might be just what you need to make your front lawn or garden pop. The Grounds Guys of Spokane can help!

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Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you need a sprinkler repair issue, however, if you notice the following signs, it might be time to call in a professional:

  • Your sprinklers water unevenly: If you notice some sprinkler heads are producing more water than others, that’s a sign of a problem. Pools of water in your yard or on your sidewalk usually indicate you need to adjust a sprinkler head or a valve.
  • You’re losing pressure in your system: If you notice the water isn’t reaching as far as you’re used to, this usually indicates lower water pressure. Lower water pressure usually indicates a problem with the valves, regulators, or the pipes themselves. In some cases, tree roots, hard soil, and other obstructions can damage your pipes.
  • Your sprinkler heads sputter: Sprinkler heads that are missing their target or are spraying in wild directions indicate something wrong with your head or your valve. If the issue continues after you clean your sprinkler heads, you may need a professional to take a look at your system.
  • Your control valves are dripping: A functional control valve should not be dripping or leaking water. If this happens, it could indicate a clog somewhere in your system.
  • Your water bill is higher than usual: If your water bill is higher than average, there is likely something wrong with one of your systems. Leaks in your plumbing or your sprinkler system can cost you a pretty penny over time, and it’s environmentally unfriendly. Call one of our sprinkler repair experts in Spokane to examine your system and make repairs if needed.

Sprinkler spraying water onto lawn and a bed of tulips.

One of the essential parts of landscape care is ensuring your lawn, flowers, and shrubs have enough water. Spokane, WA, only gets about 17 inches of rain per year, which is lower than the national average. During the hot July months, you need an effective and efficient irrigation system in Spokane to water your plants.

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How Much Is Sprinkler Repair?

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Sprinkler repair in Spokane depends on several factors, including your existing system and the size of your grounds. For example, the larger and more complex your sprinkler system is, the longer it will take to diagnose and the more expensive it will be to repair. The average cost for repairing a sprinkler system ranges from $75 to $250, but expenses can increase if you have serious issues, such as a broken sprinkler system controller or damaged pipes. There could also be additional expenses if you want to improve upon your existing system, such as adding a new backflow prevention device.

The great thing about The Grounds Guys is our upfront pricing. We offer estimates, so you will know exactly what your project will cost before we even begin.

We Design Our Own Systems

If your home or business has an unusual layout, a typical sprinkler system might not do the job. Many sprinkler systems weren’t designed with the landscape in mind, which can create waste. For example, when your sprinklers were installed, did you expect so much water to get on the sidewalk?

When we install an irrigation system in Spokane, we take the following into account:

  • The shape of your landscape and lawn
  • The size of your landscape and lawn
  • The type of plant life you have
  • The time of year

Our systems ensure no water goes to waste. For example, during winter, many plants go dormant and require significantly less water than usual. We ensure that during this time of year, we close the system down, so your sprinklers don’t waste water on sleeping plants. Likewise, before winter starts, we make sure all excess water is removed from the system, removing the danger of frozen pipes and potential leaks.

Why The Grounds Guys of Spokane?

Our residential and commercial landscaping team is also capable of fixing your current sprinkler system. Whether a sprinkler head needs replacing, or you have a broken pipe, we can help. Our job is to make sure your landscape looks fantastic year-round, so we offer sprinkler repair near you at an upfront, affordable rate to ensure your system is efficient, sustainable, and functional.

The Grounds Guys of Spokane provides its landscapers with horticultural and irrigation training, so we understand the ins and outs of maintaining and perfecting your landscape. If you need a new system installed or you need your old sprinkler system fixed, give us a call! We’re happy to help. For more information about us, take a look at our customer reviews! You can also check out our special offers for savings on your irrigation system work.

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