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Lawn maintenance services being completedDo you ever find yourself wishing you had an extra hand when you're out working on the lawn? The lawns and the garden beds around your property deserve to look their best and you deserve to sit back and enjoy their beauty. After all, when people come to visit your home, the greenery around is usually the first thing they notice. If your lawn or beds are looking a little worse for wear and time isn't on your side, give them all the TLC they need with our five-star lawn care specialists in Appleton, Neenah, and Oshkosh.

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We have developed three unique lawn care programs to match the expectations and budgets of our customers. Whether you live on one acre or one hundred, we are certain to have a grounds care service that works best for your property.

Our three specialized lawn care programs in Oshkosh are:

  • Organic: The focus of organic lawn care is doing everything we can to take care of your lawn and beds while also respecting Mother Nature. We use a variety of natural plant-, mineral-, and animal-based sources rather than relying on chemicals. Growth using organic lawn care methods tends to be slower than other methods, but the payoff is promoting a naturally thriving ecosystem in the soil and keeping your lawn safe for pets and wildlife.
  • Hybrid: If weed growth is a constant concern around your property but you are also eco-conscious, go with our hybrid lawn care plan. We utilize industry-approved chemicals to target problem areas but choose nature-based resources wherever else we can. This balance of lawn care methods is a favorite among customers with relatively healthy landscapes that need maintenance more than restoration.
  • Traditional: To restore your lawns and beds rapidly, you will want to choose our traditional lawn care program. We use effective chemicals to revitalize dying greenery and counteract weed growth. Our team will advise you about when traditional lawn care should be used with caution, though. For example, the overuse of some chemicals could be harmful to your pets and weaken the soil’s natural ecosystem.

Keys to Maintaining Healthy Garden Beds

Proper Watering

If your irrigation system is set up incorrectly, we can provide insight on how to get water to your plants in the most effective way.

Pruning Damage

Pruning is an essential part of keeping plants and trees healthy and correctly sized. Our Oshkosh grounds team knows the right time of year that different plants need to be pruned.

Correct Fertilization & Soil Care

Correctly choosing and applying fertilizer can have a big impact on the healthy of a garden bed. We know what correct soil conditions should look like and how to improve soil that is less than ideal.

Seasonal Clean Up

Raking, grooming, and eliminating waste is essential to prevent disease and reduce the effects of over-crowded garden beds.

Get Your Lawn Care Plan into Action Today

The longer you go without routine lawn and bed maintenance, the more they will struggle, especially as seasons and temperatures change. If your property could use some uplifting, turn to The Grounds Guys of Appleton and Oshkosh. Our Oshkosh lawn care experts have the remedy for whatever is ailing your lawn and garden beds. Lawn care is not all we do, though. We also care about our customers, which is why we show up in full uniform, act with respect and courtesy, and keep our prices competitive.

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    “We use this company for both snow removal and landscape work. They are terrific: on time, detailed work, great service, polite and the work is done to perfection.”

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