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Everyone wants a lush and healthy lawn, but do you know how to get one without starting from scratch? The Grounds Guys of Muncie offers lawn treatment services to take your grass to the next level. Our lawn care and maintenance professionals in Muncie are dedicated to your lawn’s health and your exterior’s curb appeal.

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We offer the following lawn treatments for Muncie homeowners:

  • Fertilization – We ensure your lawn has the proper nutrients to remain healthy, which means choosing the best fertilizer for your grass type.
  • Weed control – Your lawn can’t thrive if weeds are overtaking it. Let us perform weed control techniques and services to protect your grass from pesky weeds.
  • Lawn pest control – Insects and other pests invade your lawn, eat your grass blades, and destroy the healthy bacteria supporting your soil. Our Muncie lawn care professionals have methods to eliminate pests for good.
  • Aeration – Poking holes in the ground might sound like an easy task, but it requires knowledge and training to do it right. Fortunately, we have both to perform proper aeration.
  • Overseeding – Overseeding is a great way to improve density for those bare spots on your lawn. We recommend overseeding in tandem with aeration for the best results.
  • Dandelion control – Believe it or not, dandelions are a weed genus that can sap your soil of vital nutrients. Allow our lawn care specialists to control dandelions and keep them from taking over.

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all lawn care plans. Everything is tailored for convenience and to give you the best results possible. You can depend on our highly trained professionals to partner with you to design a customized lawn treatment program that works for your schedule, budget, grass type, topography, and more.

How We Assist You in Making Your Lawn Healthier

Our Muncie lawn care and maintenance professionals don’t guess when it comes to your lawn. We assess your grass to determine the issues, so we can design a program that resolves the problems. Our lawn treatment services are customer-focused and data-driven, resulting in healthier soil and fortified grass.

With our lawn treatment plans, we aim to:

  • Incorporate specific treatments that strengthen every part of your turf
  • Keep your lawn healthy all year long
  • Make maintenance easy and less time-consuming
  • Provide environmentally safe lawn treatments

You can choose three lawn care treatments: organic, hybrid, and traditional. Our organic treatment uses zero chemicals for sustainable results. With our traditional lawn care plan, you can rely on proven methods for faster outcomes. A hybrid grass treatment combines our organic and traditional care plans, utilizing traditional techniques without harsh chemicals.

Why Muncie Customers Prefer Us and Not the Other Guys

Trusting our lawn care and maintenance professionals is the best thing you can do for your turf because we care about quality.

In fact, homeowners trust us because:

  • We keep our equipment maintained and products well stocked.
  • We ensure everything is convenient for you because we want to sustain results.
  • We care about the environment and offer paperless reports and billing.
  • We offer free estimates to help you financially plan for your lawn treatment.

Contact us today when you need peace of mind that your lawn is in the most capable hands possible! Call to get started and request a free estimate.

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