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Sod is one of the best ways to get dead patches of your lawn to flourish in no time flat. The Grounds Guys of Myrtle Beach have residential sod installation experts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our sod installation services will prepare your soil, place your sod, and help you understand how to care for it while it takes root. You no longer have to sit around and hope that seeds grow over the next couple of years. When properly installed, the sod will immediately give your lawn a perfectly uniform appearance. Learn more about working with our residential sod installation team!

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Our Sod Installation Process

Installing sod in your yard requires much more than just throwing it on top of the soil. If sod is not installed correctly, it will die or fail to take root. Our team has years of experience helping homeowners install sections of sod. Over those years, we have developed a reliable process for installing sod so that it thrives and blends in with the rest of the lawn. Our sod installation process involves:

  • Clearing away existing grass and weed
  • Preparing the soil
  • Grade the soil to ensure it is level and draining adequately
  • Install the new sod with environmentally friendly practices
  • Adjust the irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure the sod is properly hydrated

The Benefits of Installing Sod

Installing sod is the quickest way to cultivate a naturally green lawn. Planting seed is often a gamble because it can easily be washed away by a downpour or baked to death on a hot summer day. Some of the main reasons that homeowners choose residential sod installation over the alternatives include:

  • Since it is already established, it only takes a few weeks for your sod to take root in the soil.
  • Sod can grow in shady areas of your lawn where grass seed will struggle.
  • Traditional seeding allows weeds to grow in the space, while sod usually won’t.
  • Unlike grass, sod will not be washed away by heavy rain.

A Guide to Caring for New Sod

While sod is relatively durable, it requires special care in the weeks following its installation. After sod grass installation, you should avoid any rough treatment of the sodded area, such as mowing it, walking over it, or letting the family play on it. Avoid fertilizing your lawn in the weeks following installation. The ideal care plan for a newly planted section of sod includes:

  • Week One: Water the sod at night to avoid water loss on hot days, but do not overwater the sod. Please do not walk on it for at least two weeks. The longer you can wait to step on the sod, the better.
  • Week Two: During the second week, water the newly sodded section of your lawn for approximately 30 minutes every day.
  • Week Three and Beyond: After three weeks, you can mow your lawn but avoid cutting too close to the surface. It is best to keep the mower deck slightly higher than usual. After six weeks, you can (and should) begin applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Why Choose The Grounds Guys of Myrtle Beach

The Grounds Guys of Myrtle Beach is your full-service sod installation team. We always put the needs of our customers first. We have licensed and certified landscapers who will ensure that your sod has the best chance of taking root the first time it is planted. That is because we treat every job like the unique piece of art it is.

We’ll cut sod to perfectly fit the dead sections of your yard and help you understand the best methods for taking care of it. We also offer a comprehensive array of landscaping services, from lawn aeration to fall clean-up. When you work with our team of impressive lawn craftsmen, you’ll be amazed at how much better your lawn and garden can look.

Schedule Your Residential Sod Installation Appointment!

If you’ve struggled to get grass to grow in dead sections of your lawn, you need the help of a team that truly understands all the ins and outs of sod installation. Our friendly, uniformed landscapers will help your sod grow successfully.

It all starts with an initial consultation, where we will survey the area, answer questions, and give you a quote for the sod installation costs. We are dedicated to honest work and up-front pricing. That’s what’s earned us the reputation as the most trusted landscaping company in Myrtle Beach. To get started, schedule your residential sod installation appointment today!

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