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Man in a tree pruning a branch with a chainsaw.

The Benefits of Pruning

Pruning is an excellent method of preventative maintenance for both young and established plants. A regular pruning schedule protects your plants, family, and property from injury, pests and damage. It’s an important part of a long-term maintenance strategy.

Benefits of Pruning

Promote plant health

Pruning removes dead and dying branches and stubs, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property and passerby from damage. It also deters pest and animal infestation and promotes the plant’s natural shape and healthy growth.

Maintain Plants and Landscapes

Pruning trees and shrubs encourages healthy fruit and flower production. Regular trimming develops hedge aesthetics and keeps evergreens proportioned and dense. Such maintenance supports your property’s planned layout and appearance by controlling plant size and shape.

Protect Your Family and Property

Regular pruning reduces the risk of storm damage to structures from broken branches. Protect your family and friends from falling branches over walkways, driveways, and children’s play areas. This practice also helps control pests, vermin, and snakes by reducing their habitat options.

Types of Pruning

Several different types of pruning exist, including thinning, topping, raising, and reduction. Each type is used for different purposes. Below are details.


This procedure removes a branch from its point of origin. Thinning can enhance light penetration and manage growth.


This is a drastic process that removes most of the branches down to the trunk. Topping is commonly used when training young trees to grow certain ways.


This involves the trimming of low-hanging branches to create headroom for pedestrians, parked cars or entryways.


This means trimming back a tree’s volume, typically for safety reasons, such as creating space for power lines.

Dangers of DIY Pruning

DIY pruning requires you to climb to tall heights and cut down limbs, either of which can result in injury to people or property. Additionally, improper pruning can harm the tree. For both of these reasons, you should seek professional pruning assistance. We can help! Read more about The Grounds Guys pruning services to learn how we can assist with pruning trees, shrubs, and other plants.