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5 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow

It’s easy to complain about the snow. After all, it makes driving dangerous and can cause you to slip and fall when ice forms on the sidewalk. Shoveling the driveway is also a dreaded chore.

Why not look on the bright side? Snow provides a unique way to have fun outside in the winter. You’re never too old to play in the snow, so whether you have children or not, take advantage of these five ways to have fun the next time it snows.

Go Sledding or Snow Tubing

Does your neighborhood have a perfect hill that’s now covered with a fresh blanket of snow? Pack up your sled or snow tube and take your family or friends to the hill to enjoy an afternoon of sledding and tubing down the hill. This type of play is a great way to fit in your daily workout without lifting a single dumbbell or spending one minute on the treadmill.

Build a Snowman

This is an activity you can almost always do right in your own back yard. Start with three snowballs and roll them around on the ground until they collect enough snow to form a base, torso and head for your snowman.

With the body formed, add all the details you want to make your snowman unique. You might go with classic button eyes, a carrot nose and black rocks for a mouth, but you’re only limited by your own creativity. Give your snowman stick whiskers and shape the snow into pointed ears to create a snow cat, or give the snowman floppy sock ears and a snout to create a snow dog!

You can even color your snowman by spraying it with a squirt bottle filled with colored water. Make a few snowmen or snow animals in your yard and color each one differently for a whole zoo of colorful snow creatures.

Make Shapes in the Snow

If the snow is too powdery to build a snowman, never fear; you can still make pretty shapes in the snow. You might start with a traditional snow angel. If you’re not keen on lying on the ground, try drawing a picture with your boots and have a family member guess what you’ve made. You can also break out gardening tools such as rakes, buckets and trowels to make different shapes in the snow. Think of the blanket of snow in your yard as a canvas; you can make any kind of art you want!

Build a Fort

When it snows several inches or more, you might have enough snow to build a fort. Wet snow acts just like wet sand on the beach. You can pack it into buckets to make blocks for your fort wall. Curve the walls inward as you build up for an igloo-shaped fort. You’ll find the inside stays quite warm despite the color temperatures outside!

Have a Snowball Fight

If your friends or family members are up for it, organize a friendly snowball fight. Divide into teams and start crafting your ammunition. Play any version of the game you wish. You might have a classic snowball fight where each side hides behind a snow fort, or you can treat it like a snowy game of tag or dodge ball. If things get out of hand, change gears and set up a target for everyone to aim at. Then everyone can practice their throwing skills without anyone getting hit in the face with snow.

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