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Optimized Organic Lawn Care

Want a Beautiful Lawn? It Starts With The Soil...

Biologically active soil is foundational for a healthy lawn and a healthy lifestyle. That's why our optimized organic lawn care program focuses on encouraging and enhancing the life in your soil—roots that go deep, microbes that are unlocking the nutrients, and treatments that enhance, not hurt, the quality of the soil. This produces a healthy, hardy lawn that is naturally resistant to weeds, disease, drought, and stress.

At the heart of our program, you will find a healthy blend of various microbes. One of the main products that we apply is a biological soil inoculant that contains a wide variety of rhizobia microorganisms. It is designed with a broad spectrum of nitrogen fixing organisms that help convert atmospheric nitrogen into plant available ammonia (NH3). It also includes potassium, iron, sulfur, 19 different amino acids, and 3 agricultural specific vitamins. In addition to that, it contains dextrose and sucrose, which are important to the health and vitality of the microorganisms in the product.

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As we encourage the life in the soil, there are a host of other benefits that result:

  • The microbes create structure in the soil that allow the soil to breathe. The nitrogen from the atmosphere is "fixed" and converted into a plant-available form.

  • The structure that is created by the microbes allows for water absorption. This is nature's way of aerating the soil.

  • As the water and the nutrients make their way deeper into the soil, the roots go deeper as well. (Bermuda roots will go 6 feet deep in good soil.)

  • With the nutrients, soil structure, and deep roots, it is much more difficult for pests and diseases to get established. A healthy lawn is your first line of defense.

How Is this Different Than What Others Offer?

Synthetic, chemical fertilizers have been a popular choice for lawns and agriculture for the past 70 years or so. It's a well-known fact that plants need nitrogen in order to grow. So, landscapers place nitrogen into the soil and it gets taken up by the grass—at least some of it does. The rest of it runs off into the eco-system. It can also be harmful to the micro-organisms in your soil, organisms that are essential to the health of your soil and lawn. This is particularly true of the slow release fertilizer. The soil starts to die and then more nitrogen is added to compensate. Eventually the soil is just a medium for holding up the plants. Your lawn is now on a kind of nitrogen life support. When you stop the treatments, the weeds quickly take over.

The heart of our program is focused on micro-organisms—the ones that were naturally in your soil to begin with. There is a symbiotic relationship between the roots of your grass and the micro-organisms that live there. The roots provide nutrients to the bacteria and the bacteria, when they are consumed, provide nutrients to the plants.

We are not simply trying to replace synthetic fertilizers with organic fertilizers. That is largely ineffective. Instead, we are promoting life in the soil so that the soil itself will provide for the lawn. When there is life in the soil, the lawn will flourish.

What About Those Pesky Weeds?

Different plants thrive in different soil conditions. A compacted soil with low nutrients available will tend to grow weeds quite well. However, well-structured soil that is teeming with beneficial microbes will cause the grass to flourish. The first defense against weeds is healthy soil that grows a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn won’t leave any room for weeds to get established.

However, sometimes the lawn needs extra help. We have several low-risk weed killers such as Fiesta and Tenacity available as a part of our organic lawn care program. As a completely organic solution, we have CSL 600 as well. Using traditional herbicides is also an option when a "rescue treatment" is necessary. When a lawn has been neglected for some time, is sometimes best to knock down the weeds and then immediately start application of microbial products so that the lawn can get established.

What’s the Cost of Your Lawn Care Program?

The pricing may vary depending on the type of treatment needed, herbicide or organic add-ons, and various other matters. Give us a call at (918) 970-6058 and we will measure your lawn and give you an exact estimate!

Call us today at (918) 302-9671 for your estimate!

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