Residential Services

Residential Lawn Care Services in Hoover, Alabama

When your home’s lawn and landscaping starts to look less inviting and more messy, it is time to call (205) 791-5061 and talk to The Grounds Guys of Hoover about how to get it looking and feeling welcoming again! We know that lawn care is simply too much effort for the average homeowner who has other things on their schedule. To keep things easy on our customers, we like to set up routine residential services that occur on their time table, or even when they are out at work, so their homes can look great in all four seasons.

Known for our consistency, reliability, and competitive pricing, we are proud to be the go-to name in residential landscaping for so many people in our communities. By showing that we C.A.R.E. – Customers first, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoying life while we work – we know you will also become a happy, loyal customer, too.

Tell us how you would like to improve your home’s appearance through lawn care. Call (205) 791-5061!

Residential Package Options*

These package options are for one time projects like landscape enhancements and larger projects.

  • Jump Start

    from $230

    Our JUMPSTART package is for shorter projects or those that may only need one grounds care specialist.

  • Need a Hand

    from $460

    Our NEED A HAND package is for projects that might take a little longer or need more than one grounds care specialist.

  • Get it Done

    from $920

    Our GET IT DONE package is for medium-sized projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Makeover

    from $1,840

    Our MAKEOVER package is for larger projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Total Makeover

    from $2,760

    Our TOTAL MAKEOVER package is for extra-large projects that require a full team of grounds care specialists.

*Package pricing subject to change. Equipment and materials costs may apply.

All Packages Include:

  • Site Evaluations

  • Customized Action Plans

  • Flat Pricing

  • Basic Equipment and Disposal

  • 1-6 Ground Care Specialists

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Your One-Stop Shop for Residential Landscaping Projects

Would any of these lawn care services benefit your home?

The good news is The Grounds Guys of Hoover offers all of these services – and much more! As people who genuinely love yardwork and landscaping projects, you can trust us to treat your home like it was our own. We are efficient, clean, and courteous through and through. Whenever we finish a residential lawn care service, we make certain to leave it in better condition than when we arrived.

For friendly, professional lawn care services in Hoover, go ahead and call (205) 791-5061!