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Thinking Ahead for Spring - February 2, 2016

While many people are still clearing the snow from their lawn, the local landscaping and grounds care professionals in the area are getting geared up for the busy spring season. Though most people don’t give much thought to their lawns during the winter, there are many helpful steps that can be taken to help prepare your property for spring. General Manager for The Grounds Guys of Old Hickory Lake, Dominic Parente recently provided insight to Brentwood Life on how to get ready for the warmer months ahead.

“It is not easy or inexpensive to manage a landscape,” General Manager Dominic Parente said straightforwardly. “I tell our clients that they will spend their hard-earned money on their landscape in three ways: maintaining the landscape, repairing the landscape or enhancing the landscape. If they don’t spend enough to maintain what they have then they will spend too much to repair it and not have the money to enhance it. But if they plan and budget properly for maintenance, they minimize their repairs and can have money to renovate and enhance their landscape.”

How The Grounds Guys Helps Maintain Lawns

Parente also provided insight on more of the high-end services offered by The Grounds Guys to help maintain local lawns in Middle Tennessee. He explained how the team provides a maintenance agreement to outline the types and amount of services that will help keep up their clients' lawns. From taking care of plant material to selecting the proper shrubs for each type of property, The Grounds Guys team truly goes the extra mile to ensure their clients are the envy of the neighborhood.

Parente shares on how important it is to understand your soil and the type of lawn you want to development. Have you always dreamed of having a tall, thick, green lawn all year round? Parente has the same dream, which he provides tips on how to develop in the full blog.

“If Mother Nature isn’t providing my lawn with the water it needs then I need to do it,” he said. “For me it’s pretty easy since I have an irrigation system installed,” Parente shared. Knowing that water is one of the most vital parts of lawn health, Parente makes sure that his clients' lawns get this proper attention for beautiful results. Interested in learning more tips on prepping for spring?

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    “I just wanted the guys to know they are doing a great job! I am particularly pleased with the edging they did around my landscape beds. It helps so much keeping the weeds from infringing! Thank you! ...”

    - C.E.

    “Thank you for the excellent job you continue to perform. I appreciate you being dependable and the neat/professional look you give my grass in my back yard. Thank you for using the blower to clean up ...”

    - Ruthie L.

    “I am a very happy customer. My yard looks fantastic. Thanks for the hard work you and your crew did last Friday.”

    - Kim J.

    “Great job. Changed the height of our back yard as requested. Very pleased with the service.”

    - David C.

    “It was raining this morning and the guys did a great job. No clumps of grass. Even blew off all of the wet grass off the sidewalks and parking area. Don't know how they managed to leave every thing so ...”

    - Sarah W.

    “Thank you. I am very impressed with your communication and the cut I received this week.”

    - Becca P.

    “We are having a hard time finding reliable service and you guys have been great to work with so far.”

    - Alysia P.

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