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Wichita, KS can be a hard place to maintain a pristine lawn. Our weather ranges from highs of 92 degrees in the summer to below freezing temperatures of 22 degrees in the winter. With that kind of temperature range, it can be hard to tell what exactly your lawn might need and when. That's why The Grounds Guys of East Wichita is here to help! Our five-star landscapers love to make lawns and landscapes look amazing year-round.

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Our lawn care professionals have horticultural training, which means we understand exactly what your lawn needs and when all year long. Your yard deserves the best care, and The Grounds Guys of East Wichita provides it. No matter the season or the type of landscape you have, we’re ready for it! Our lawn care services also encompass more than just weed control and mowing. Depending on the season, our landscaping professionals will also provide lawn edging, leaf clearing, fertilization, reseeding, and snow and ice removal.

Snow and Ice Maintenance

Our team at The Grounds Guys of East Wichita provides commercial and residential snow removal in Wichita, KS. While snow can be beautiful, it also tends to be harmful to your landscape. The Grounds Guys can keep your property beautiful and protected through the winter months. Our snow maintenance services include an evaluation of your property before winter, ongoing weather monitoring throughout the year, calibration of snow and ice equipment, and monitoring of our snow equipment through GPS to ensure it’s going to the right location. We want to make sure you can go about your day without worrying about shoveling your walkway or driveway all winter long.

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Flower Bed Maintenance

In addition to caring for your lawn, our team in Wichita also provides garden and flower bed maintenance services. This type of gardening can be the most Flower Bedstrenuous and tedious part of maintaining a beautiful yard. Flowers are notoriously difficult to keep alive, particularly if they’re not native to Wichita. Not everyone has the horticultural knowledge and time it takes to upkeep flower beds and replant flowers with the new season. Our landscaping team is familiar with Wichita seasons and when best to fight weed growth, cultivate the soil, replant flowers, and so on. Our flower bed maintenance services in Wichita include the following:

  • Pruning: Flowers and shrubs require careful pruning throughout the year to encourage growth, discourage disease, and maintain a manicured and uniform look for your home or business property.
  • Weeding: Weed growth is a constant struggle, especially during the spring and summer seasons. Our team works hard to ensure your flowers and shrubs stay healthy while discouraging the growth of unsightly and invasive weed species.
  • Mulching: Mulch helps discourage weed growth by protecting the soil from weed seeds blowing in from other yards. It also helps maintain the soil temperature.
  • Replanting: If your flowers are starting to go out of season, we can help plant new ones that will thrive in the next season. For example, annual plants complete their life cycle within one growing season and then die, so replanting these is essential year after year.

What Is Mulching and Its Advantages?

Mulching is the application of a layer of material to the surface of the soil to encourage the conservation of soil moisture and growth of helpful microorganisms and discourage weed growth. Mulching material can include leaves, grass clippings, bark chips, and more! It’s advantageous to lawn care and bed maintenance because it improves the quality of the soil in which you grow your lawn, flowers, and shrubs. As the mulching material decays, it introduces more nutrients, such as nitrogen, into the soil, which is great for plant health.

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Our team loves to provide customers with a landscape they can be proud of. We’re here to help you maintain your residential and commercial lawns and flower beds year-round. Check out testimonials from our past clients to learn more about our work ethic and quality of service!

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