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We Keep Your Residential Lawn Neat & Beautiful

Your home and surrounding property should be a beautiful escape from your busy and stressful daily life. Keeping it attractive while ensuring it’s safe provides peace of mind to your family and guests while enjoying their leisure time outdoors. Luckily, The Grounds Guys of Covington’s lawn and landscaping work covers nearly all the tasks that homeowners need in Abita Springs, Mandeville, and Covington, LA. We offer lawn care and maintenance to local households. Our eye for detail and impressive service quality makes keeping your garden beds and grass trimmed, neat, and healthy a more satisfying investment. Green and well-kept grounds around your home make a memorable and pleasant first impression on houseguests, neighbors, and visitors. These essential lawn care tasks require time and effort, which can easily consume your weekends. Furthermore, nothing trumps the appearance and work quality a lawn and landscaping professional achieves. Let our grounds care professionals beautify your property by performing regular or periodic lawn care and maintenance with convenient appointment times and competitive prices.

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Residential Lawn Maintenance for Healthy, Green Grass

The Grounds Guys of Covington’s talented and friendly team offers a wide array of lawn and grounds care solutions. Your home’s lawn and landscape can stay healthy and look its best with our restorative options, and we’ll gladly maintain it over the years. Our service professionals service your lawn and flower beds with many lawn maintenance service options, and the cost of our work can fit your budget as we tailor your residential lawn maintenance contract to match your specific outdoor space and care needs. The following examples illustrate various services we can perform on your property:

Lawn Maintenance

Our outstanding-quality regular maintenance services cover routine mowing and edging. We’ll trim your grass and ensure its edges stay neat.

Lawn Aeration

This periodic service effectively makes a substantial difference in the quality of your turf. We puncture your grass to put holes in the soil, helping your lawn’s roots receive nutrients.

Lawn Seeding

The first step to achieving a lush, vibrant lawn is seeding your property. We can perform touch-up seeding or carry out a full lawn renovation, depending on what your yard needs. Our team offers this service throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Sod Installation

Considerable time and effort go into installing sod, and this valuable lawn care service is an investment that should provide the best possible results. Our service professionals consider many factors that can affect your sod installation’s success to ensure our completed work lives up to your expectations.

Lawn Enhancements

Services like top dressing and dethatching let us keep your grass attractive and healthy. Lawn enhancements effectively contribute to a greener and stronger lawn for years.

Flower Bed Maintenance for All Your Blooming Plants

People tend to primarily focus on lawn maintenance and commonly put less emphasis on regular care for their flower beds. Honestly, these colorful patches of blooming plants require regular attention and maintenance just as much as your grass. The Grounds Guys of Covington will gladly perform all the following maintenance services on your flower beds:

Flower Bed Maintenance

Routine flower bed maintenance adds a professional touch to your natural landscape features. Your blooms can stay healthy and fragrant while we keep your property more attractive and comfortable for your family and guests to enjoy. Your flowers might look like they’re fine now, but bed maintenance is sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, our team is ready to help you optimize your flower beds to get the best seasonal colors.


Flower beds gain many benefits from this service, so we recommend making it a regular part of your maintenance investment. Laying mulch in your beds prevents weed growth and reduces soil compaction every time it rains. Furthermore, mulching promotes soil nutrition and helps monitor and maintain soil temperature. You also use less water to hydrate your plants because mulch contributes to moisture containment and directs water to your plant’s roots. Finally, mulch effectively makes your property look more attractive while supporting uniformity.

Seasonal Cleanup Services to Maintain Your Property

Maintaining your lawn and landscape is more necessary during specific times of the calendar year. The team at The Grounds Guys of Covington is happy to schedule many seasonal cleanup services to ensure we cover your maintenance years throughout every season, including the following:

Spring Cleanup

Spring cleaning is a substantial amount of work, but our grounds care professionals can handle this seasonal task for you. We know your time is precious, so our team handles all aspects of spring cleanup around your property to prepare it for the warmer weather.

Fall Cleanup

You might not have the free time it takes to complete a property cleanup during autumn. This season’s messy weather and cooling temperatures can wreak havoc on lawn and garden beds. Our service professionals will work promptly and efficiently to ensure your lawn and landscape look pristine as the gray skies and chilly winds move into your neighborhood.

Seasonal Color

Our team will gladly plant annuals and perennial flowers in an attractive landscape design with our impressive horticultural training. As each season transitions to the next, we’ll keep your landscape looking beautiful by applying our unique and scientific seasonal color program to your outdoor spaces. We’re adept at customizing this service to your specific climate and individual preferences.

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The Grounds Guys of Covington is a locally owned and operated lawn and landscaping company with a comprehensive collection of maintenance solutions for Covington, Abita Springs, and Mandeville residents and businesses. If you need a professional touch to ensure your property stays beautiful, we’re available to respond as soon as possible and perform regularly and seasonally scheduled lawn care and maintenance solutions. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home’s outdoor maintenance needs and request an estimate to get an accurate projection of how much your lawn and grounds maintenance will cost.

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