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Residential Landscaping Services in Burlington

Relax and Leave the Hard Work to The Grounds Guys!

Keeping your yard picture-perfect takes a lot of time and hard work—but these demands can be difficult to meet with your busy schedule. Don’t settle for a subpar lawn, though! Call The Grounds Guys of Burlington today. Our expert landscapers serve Burlington with our superior residential lawn care and landscaping services. We are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with reliable, consistent services. That means you can trust that we’ll be there to keep your yard in top shape—all year long.

Our service is always provided by prompt, friendly, and well-equipped Burlington landscapers. We guarantee that our professionals will show up in clearly marked company trucks, on time and ready to get started. We take special care to make sure every member of our team has the right tools for the job and we maintain all our tools for optimal results.

Enjoy the perfect lawn today! Check out our packages below to find one that’s right for your needs. Don’t forget to request a free quote.

Residential Package Options*

These package options are for one time projects like landscape enhancements and larger projects.

  • Jump Start

    from $200

    Our JUMPSTART package is for shorter projects or those that may only need one grounds care specialist.

  • Need a Hand

    from $400

    Our NEED A HAND package is for projects that might take a little longer or need more than one grounds care specialist.

  • Get it Done

    from $800

    Our GET IT DONE package is for medium-sized projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Makeover

    from $1,200

    Our MAKEOVER package is for larger projects that require two or more grounds care specialists.

  • Total Makeover

    from $1,600

    Our TOTAL MAKEOVER package is for extra-large projects that require a full team of grounds care specialists.

*Package pricing subject to change. Equipment and materials costs may apply.

All Packages Include:

  • Site Evaluations

  • Customized Action Plans

  • Flat Pricing

  • Basic Equipment and Disposal

  • 1-6 Ground Care Specialists

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Lawn Care From the Experts

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best! With The Grounds Guys of Burlington, you can rest easy knowing that your yard is being cared for by highly trained and experienced landscaping experts. We offer a variety of services to help you care for your yard season after season.

We offer residential landscaping services, such as:

At The Grounds Guys of Burlington, we’re prepared to help you keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful all year-long. In addition to our expert landscaping services, our team abides by our core values of C.A.R.E., which stands for:

  • Customers first
  • Attitude is the key to success
  • Respect for our work and our customers
  • Enjoy life along the way

Trust Our Professional Lawn Services

We stand behind what we do because we are proud of what we do. Our team will do everything in our power to keep you satisfied with the care your yard receives, so all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful property! Get started by selecting one of our packages.

Don’t wait another minute to get help around the yard. Call (262) 581-1520 to schedule an appointment.