Is Your Backyard A Breeding Ground for Bugs?

As you sit out under the stars on those warm summer nights, the last thing you want to do is swat at mosquitoes and shoo away bugs. In addition to being a nuisance, bugs can carry diseases harmful to humans, animals and plants. To keep bugs at bay this summer, check for the warning signs inviting to bugs, and take steps to ensure your backyard isn’t a breeding ground for irritating insects.

Warning Signs

  • Standing water – Buckets, drainage ditches and kiddie pools will attract all types of bugs. Make sure you dump out standing water and turn containers on their sides to limit water from pooling.
  • Unkempt yard – Untrimmed plants and uncut grass create rich habitats for nuisance creatures, such as bugs and mice. Keep your yard maintained to keep the critters out.
  • Exposed trash – Flies and other bugs are attracted to the food reside in trash and on recyclables. If you keep your trash outside, store it as far you’re your entertaining spaces as possible.

Pesticides and insecticides aid in controlling troublesome bugs, but some can be harmful to people, plants and pets. Here are some alternatives to keeping the swatting at a minimum this summer.

  • Personal insect repellant is the best way to avoid bug attention, which is usually followed by itchy bites. If you plan on spending the evening outdoors, spray yourself thoroughly with bug repellant.
  • Citronella oil is non-toxic pesticide, and can be used in candles and oil lamps. In addition to repelling pesky bugs, candles and oil-lit tiki torches can add ambiance to your outdoor setting. Deterring and decorative? Why not!
  • Place cupcake liners upside down over glasses and beverages. Poke a hole through the liner to enjoy your sugary beverage without picking out the floating bugs.
  • Barbequing? You aren’t the only one attracted to the scent of grilling food. Throw a few springs of rosemary on the grill and the mosquitoes will keep their distance.

Don’t let the bugs ruin your summer! If the bug problem persists, contact the experts at The Grounds Guys for more permanent pest control solutions.

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