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billings residential lawn that received lawn & bed maintenance from the grounds guysWondering how your neighbors keep their lawns and flower beds so lush and colorful? You need routine lawn care maintenance to keep your lawn and flower beds looking their best. From edging to fertilizing, there are quite a few things that go into proper lawn care. Lucky for you, with the help of our professional lawn care experts, you won’t have to worry.

At The Grounds Guys of Billings, we provide professional and reliable yard services to the locals of Billings and the surrounding areas. From routine lawn care near you to one-time projects, we offer a variety of lawn maintenance and grounds care services to help you achieve your property’s goals. No job is too big – or small – for The Grounds Guys!

Lawn Fertilization Services

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to feed it with proper fertilizer. From reducing the number of weeds to improving the overall growth, fertilization will ensure your lawn and planting beds are getting the proper nutrients they need to prevent illnesses and thrive.

Of course, the type of fertilizer needed will differ depending on the time of year:

  • Late Winter and Early Spring – When spring begins to arrive, your lawn gets hungry. When you give your lawn fertilizer during the late winter – or early spring months – it helps strengthen roots and gives it an extra push before the heavy growing season.
  • Spring – Your grass begins to thrive in spring! Of course, it’s busy using it’s stored up energy, so it’s crucial to supply the lawn with a fertilizer designed for spring.
  • Summer – Summer is one of the toughest seasons on grass due to the heat and lack of water. Feeding your lawn in the summer protects it from some of these issues.
  • Fall – Fall brings the ideal conditions for your lawn. Cold nights and rainfall are what your yard has been waiting for all year. Applying a final fertilization feeding before winter will help strengthen your roots and will promote an overall healthier lawn.

When you properly feed your lawn, you’re promoting its overall health and strength. Give our professional team in Billings a call. We can help outline a fertilization schedule designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to fight against drought, heat, cold, mowing, foot traffic, and other stresses it faces daily.

Flower Bed Clean-Up Services

Whether you’re looking for flower bed maintenance or installation, our experts can help. Our professional lawn care experts have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you take care of your current flower bed or design and install a new one altogether!

When considering what plants should go in your planting or flower bed, it’s essential to understand what can and what cannot grow in your region. One of the best guides to follow is the growing zone guide provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. These zone designations are guides for selecting plants that will survive the average temperatures in these regions.

Billings is in growing zone 4b, and Zone 4 has one of the shortest growing seasons. The first and last frost dates can vary within a week or two, but generally, gardeners use the first dates to plan garden and flower bed planting. Billings’ last frost date usually lands between May 15 and June 1, while the first frost date lands between September 15 and October 1.

Our weather ranges from highs of 88 degrees in the summer to below freezing temperatures of 16 degrees in the winter. With that kind of temperature range, it can be hard to tell what exactly your lawn might need and when. With the help of the garden zone guide, average climate information, and professional help from our experts, we’re confident that you will be able to plan a flower bed that gives your lawn the last piece it’s been missing.

When it comes to maintaining your planting bed, we offer a variety of services to help this:

  • Pruning – Flowers and shrubs require careful pruning throughout the year to encourage growth, discourage disease, and maintain a manicured and uniform look for your home or business property.
  • Mulching – Mulch helps discourage weed growth as well as helps maintain the soil temperature. Both of these protect the soil and encourages growth.
  • Pest and Weed Control – Whether you’re dealing with pests or weeds – or both – our professionals can help. Ridding your lawn of unwanted visitors helps ensure that your flower, grass, and shrubs stay healthy while getting the nutrients and water they need.
  • Seasonal Color – Our Billings service experts can keep your commercial property beautiful through the changing seasons using our approach to seasonal color and variation.
  • Snow and Ice Management – Snow and ice can cause quite a bit of damage to your flower bed and lawn. Our snow management services will help ensure that your lawn stays healthy.

With the help of our professional team, you can design and maintain the flower bed of your dreams!

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care

We want to be your partner in your Billings lawn and grounds care! Whether you own a business or home in Billings, our experts can help you create the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. From adding a flower bed to completing weekly lawn care tasks, our experts can do it all. Our team of dedicated lawn and yard professionals will ensure they understand the goals of your lawn while creating a schedule that helps achieve this through a variety of services meant for your lawn’s property maintenance.

Some of the other lawn maintenance services we offer include:

  • Irrigation Installation and Repair
  • Fall and Spring Clean-Up
  • Turf Maintenance/Enhancements
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Seeding
  • Sod Installation

When you choose The Grounds Guys of Billings for your landscape needs, you are getting the best in Billings! Our locally owned and operated team is committed to your satisfaction every step of the way.

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