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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • The Beautiful Benefits of Interior Landscaping

    September 29, 2017
    What is Interior Landscaping? Interior landscaping is the planning and installation of plants, water features, rocks and other natural elements to create an attractive, relaxing indoor atmosphere. Designers balance elements like color, texture, shape, and light to create ornamental installations that complement a building’s layout. Function of Interior Landscapes First and foremost, interior ...
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  • The Importance of Pruning: Protect Your Plants and Property

    September 22, 2017
    Pruning is an excellent method of preventative maintenance for both young and established plants. A regular pruning schedule protects your plants, family, and property from injury, pests and damage. It’s an important part of a long-term maintenance strategy. What is pruning, anyway? Pruning is the practice of removing specific portions of a tree or shrub (such as roots, buds, or branches) that are ...
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  • Property Owners Beware! 6 Common Pests in Abilene

    September 15, 2017
    Texas is home to a wide range of plants, animals, and people. This makes for a gorgeous state famous for tourism, incredible state parks and plenty of photo ops. It also means we’ve got a lot of pesky bugs that call this great state home. Some of them are beneficial, helping to pollinate and keep plants healthy. Others carry diseases, destroy property, and are just an all-around nuisance. West ...
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