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The Fall Clean Up Checklist

It’s officially Autumn! This time of year is a hectic, messy transition period from summer to winter. School is back in session, football is underway, and Halloween kicks off the holiday season. Most families have schedules cram-packed with school, work, extracurriculars and events.

With everything going on, be sure to pencil fall yard cleanup somewhere on the list! As the weather moves into lower temperatures and dreary conditions, your lawn needs very specific attention.

There are small tasks you’ll need to tend to, like draining hoses and pumps of any water before storing them for winter. Don’t forget about fountains and irrigation systems too! Water expands in freezing temperatures, causing ruptured pipes or other damage. It’s also a good idea to till the dying contents of your vegetable garden under for the winter and give your garden tools a deep clean and light coat of oil.

If you're crunched for time and patience, fall cleanup landscaping services are a smart investment! Hiring a professional crew to help keep up with your yard will save you valuable time and energy.

Fall Clean Up Checklist

Clean Out the Gutters

Autumn gutter cleaning is a practical necessity, thanks to the volume of falling leaves, and skipping this step will result in clogged drains that can cause damage to your home. It’s a messy, tedious process but will keep your drainage system clear and working properly, which is crucial during winter storms and melting snow.

Clearing Debris and Leaves

Raking the lawn and clearing up brush piles are critical steps in fall landscaping! Damp, musty piles of leaves will kill the grass beneath them and create a breeding ground for mold or other diseases. Be sure to remove any loose nesting material to prevent rodent and pest infestations during the colder months.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning is essential in the fall. Clearing trees of dead or broken branches will protect your home from damage during winter storms. This practice also helps maintain tree health, shape and size. It’s a great opportunity to trim around power lines and rooftops, preventing damage or power outages when branches break from the weight of ice and snow. Choosing this time to prune shrubs or rosebushes allows you to winterize the plant, maintain its shape, and encourage healthy spring growth.

Seasonal Planting

Many beautiful plants benefit from dropping temperatures and this is the perfect time to capitalize on them! Fall annuals offer a pop of color through the cooler months when everything

else turns brown. Look for chrysanthemums in all varieties and colors, pansies, autumn sage, aster, and verbena to keep your yard beautiful right up to the first flurries.


Aeration is the process of breaking the soil loose with a hand fork or mechanical tiller. Such disruption allows oxygen to circulate freely, moisture levels to stabilize, and nutrients to evenly disperse throughout the soil.

Fertilization & Pesticides

Applying the right nutrients before cold weather sets in will help your backyard ecosystem survive the lean months. Look for phosphorous-rich fertilizers to encourage lush growth in the spring. Get a jump on crazy spring bloom and treat your weeds ahead of time! Preventative medicine will save you headaches down the road.


Those piles of dead leaves can be shredded down and used as mulch for flower beds, shrubs, and trees! Mulch provides vital insulation against the cold for delicate plants. It can also help seal in nutrition from compost or fertilizers and regulate moisture levels in the soil.


Trimming your grass down before it dies in the winter will allow your yard to breathe and help excess moisture evaporate. Close cutting also permits plenty of light to pass through, giving your lawn the best chance for revival in the spring.

Power Washing

Fall is the perfect time to power wash your home's exterior and outdoor structures like decks or sheds. To keep wooden structures from molding and mildewing, power wash thoroughly and let the wood dry out before applying a coat of primer.

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