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What Can Landscaping and Hardscaping Do For My Business?

What is Hardscaping?

Simply put, hardscapes are the man-made parts of your exterior design. Landscaping covers all the living and breathing elements, while hardscaping includes retaining walls, benches, bridges, staircases, fireplaces or pits, stonework and walkways, or fountains and pools. These elements provide variation and depth to the exterior of your business.


Hardscaping is an important part of landscape design because it unifies the landscape with other environmental elements, like buildings and parking areas. It also improves property values by expanding the usable square feet of your structure!


Hardscaping is also a great choice because it’s extremely low maintenance with a substantial shelf-life. Our designers use durable materials like concrete, stone, wood, brick, metal, gravel and mulch to break up a landscape and provide variation and dimension for your visitors to enjoy.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Using both landscaping and hardscaping for your business exterior has a lot of benefits! It helps you control your property, maintain the cleanliness of your exterior, and improves the health of your plants and trees through appropriate drainage.


Merging green elements with man-made fixtures in your landscape design helps conduct traffic by establishing clear pathways to your building or parking area. It creates consistency between your landscape and lawn while allowing your green spaces to merge seamlessly with other physical structures.


Carefully planned landscape design will be scaled appropriately to your building’s size and architecture. Trees and turf help absorb heat and purify the air while offering shade and savings on utility bills.


It’s a well-documented fact that exposure to gardens and growing things results in improved performance in employees. A pleasant outdoor space can lower stress, help soothe depression, boost creativity, productivity, and your overall mood. These benefits are great for both your employees and your customers.


Incorporating benches or seating will invite people to sit and stay a while. A patio area is the perfect place to relax, make phone calls, eat lunch, take breaks, or hold meetings. Vegetation can be used to create privacy and insulate occupants from extraneous noise beyond the wall.

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