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Commercial Property Maintenance: Lawn & Bed Care for Businesses

Commercial property maintenance is an excellent, cost-efficient way for busy business owners to ensure the best possible appearance at all times. Hiring professionals to keep your property crisp and attractive boosts property value and saves you time to focus on other important things!

The appearance of your business and parking areas are important representations of your company’s care, quality, and the experience your customers can expect.

Professional property maintenance combines industry expertise with high quality installation and regularly scheduled upkeep to ensure your lawn and beds are fresh and healthy.

Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance is key to keeping an attractive storefront! Fresh green lawns creating an inviting atmosphere for employees and shoppers alike. Don’t let a dried out, yellowing, or dead patch of grass keep your business from standing out.

These services include edging to keep the borders of your property crisp, debris removal to collect trash or dead limbs and leaves, mowing, trimming, and cleared walkways and parking lots to give your customers the best possible experience. Regular fertilization and weed treatments are also an important part of developing a lush, vibrant exterior.

Bed Maintenance

Neglected beds will develop weeds, wilted or dying flowers, compacted and unhealthy soil, and an overall messy appearance as plants spill over the borders and onto the lawn.

Bed maintenance services focus on healthy soil cultivation, weed control, flower care, edging, raking and clearing debris. This type of regular cleanup will also deter snakes and rodents from taking refuge in your beds, potentially placing your customers or employees in danger.

Our Programs

We are proud to offer our clients both fast, effective traditional options as well as organic products that support the development of healthy ecosystems for natural pest control and plant health.

Choose from hybrid, organic, and traditional programs to meet your environmental goals, appearance needs, and budget.

Organic Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Our organic program uses 100% environmentally friendly products sourced from minerals, plants, and animals. These are safe for people and pets, and promote a healthy ecosystem for fertile soil and natural pest defense. Going the natural route requires these products to build up in the soil and will take a little longer to display results.

Hybrid Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Hybrid programs combine weed control methods with organic fertilizers to achieve the best of both worlds! Chemical weed killers keep your lawn and beds under control, while organic fertilizers help naturally replenish the soil and contribute to overall health. Soil ecosystem is important both for pest management and plant health.

Traditional Lawn & Bed Maintenance

While less environmentally friendly, the traditional program provides fast, effective results for whipping your business exterior into a tidy, vibrant space. Traditional methods tend to be more cost-efficient than organic methods, and the applications will be spread out over time to avoid any dangerous buildup that could damage the soil.

The Grounds Guys of Abilene

The Grounds Guys of Abilene are a locally owned and operated franchise serving Abilene and the surrounding areas with comprehensive, state of the art lawn care and landscaping services.

We offer everything from basic lawn maintenance to landscaping, hardscaping, water features, sprinkler systems, gutters, and outdoor lighting! Our highly-trained team is committed to excellence, service, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service.

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