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The Benefits of Landscaping For Your Home

Homeownership has plenty of advantages, but it requires lots of attention, maintenance, and money.

For most working families, time together is limited. Between work, school, extracurriculars and errands, it’s hard enough to coordinate a family dinner, much less juggle all the maintenance and tasks that come with home ownership.

Hiring a professional landscaping and lawn care team can eliminate a portion of these responsibilities. Such services keep your lawn healthy, fresh, and vibrant! Well-maintained properties have many benefits that go far beyond saving your sanity.

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Landscaping Saves You Money

Taking care of your lawn increases home value and curb appeal! Attractive home exteriors provide a pleasant place for your family to relax and work. If you’re in the market to sell, a tidy lawn helps homes sell faster.

Consistent lawn care helps prevent costly repairs to your home’s structure and foundation by maintaining moisture levels in the soil. When the ground becomes too wet, your foundation can sink, causing cracks in the walls and stubborn doors or windows. When the dirt becomes too dry, it shrinks and can cause cracking or settling that requires expensive foundation repairs!

Landscaping lowers energy bills by absorbing heat and providing shade. Turf is a massive carbon sink, absorbing and converting six tons of carbon dioxide per acre, per year. Trees also produce an average of 260 pounds of oxygen per year and help protect your home and property from direct sunlight.

Landscaping Saves You Time

Hiring a professional service will save you work and time! Don’t waste evenings or weekends keeping your yard tidy. Mowing, edging, raking and applying fertilizer or pesticide can eat up an entire afternoon. Installing flower beds or gardens can take an entire weekend, or more!

When you turn over your yard maintenance to a lawn care company, it allows you to spend more valuable time with your family or getting caught up on other things. The time savings go beyond just yard work, too. These companies provide their own gear, which means you won’t need to spend money purchasing or time maintaining lawn equipment.

Landscaping is Good for Your Health

Nature has been proven to relieve stress, regulate heart activity, lower blood pressure and muscle tension, and improve brain function. Getting outside improves your mental health and mood, boosts creativity, alertness, and helps you sleep better!

Trees, grasses, shrubs and other flowering plants filter pollutants like dust and smoke. Beautiful green spaces encourage people to get outside and enjoy them! The resulting exposure to sunlight aids in the production of Vitamin D, which is crucial for the absorption of calcium and bone growth.

Landscaping is Good for the Environment

The regular care and keeping of your lawn reduces soil degradation, erosion and water evaporation. Regularly trimming, watering, and treating your grass supports healthy ecosystems, inviting "good bugs" that help plants thrive.

Routine landscaping can be used to control common pests, such as mosquitos and fleas. Trimmed grass and shrubs also deter vermin and snakes from squatting in your plants.

The Grounds Guys of Abilene

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We offer everything from basic lawn maintenance to landscaping, hardscaping, water features, sprinkler systems, gutters, and outdoor lighting! Our highly-trained team is committed to excellence, service, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service.

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