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Commercial Landscaping is an Excellent Investment

Commercial landscaping is a great investment for many reasons! It boosts property value, reduces energy costs, conserves water, helps regulate temperature, manage pests and saves valuable time.

Professional landscaping services can increase property value by almost 14% and create an inviting entrance to your office or business.

A well-planned landscape can help reduce water usage and costs! Choosing drought-resistant plants and updating or installing a sprinkler system helps maintain an environmentally friendly green space.

Planting trees and shrubs for shade reduces energy costs by shielding buildings from direct sunlight. Turf is a major carbon sink, converting six tons of carbon dioxide per acre per year. Landscaping helps regulate temperature and improve air quality in developed areas.

Keep your customers and tenants safe with a neat, well-lit landscape. Illuminated areas make walking at night safer and easier. Keeping grass and shrubs neatly trimmed will deter vermin, pests, and snakes from setting up shop.

Save valuable time! Between operating hours, managing your staff, maintaining inventory and financials, implementing marketing strategies, and handling day-t0-day maintenance, repairs or minor emergencies, being a business owner is stressful and time-consuming. Delegating property maintenance to a reliable company can take part of that burden off your shoulders.

In all things, put your best foot forward! Beautifully arranged, meticulously maintained spaces make a great first impression. Professional landscaping is useful for many different commercial applications!

Retail Locations and Offices

Attractive outdoor spaces increase consumer traffic and employee productivity. Customers tend to spend more time and money in a well-landscaped shopping district! Research has shown that green spaces positively influence mood and mental health.

Fresh air and exposure to nature improves concentration and memory, as well as reducing blood pressure and stress levels. Satisfied customers and happy employees benefit your business on every level!

Hospitals and Schools

Health care facilities and educational institutions are ideally suited for professional landscaping. Studies indicate that patients have better recovery experiences when exposed to fresh air, water, flowers, and sunlight. Patients benefit from elevated mood, reduced stress levels, and increased satisfaction with their healthcare experience.

Students benefit from attractive, functional landscapes through improved concentration, memory, and mental function. Getting outdoors reduces blood pressure and stress levels, positively affecting learning and performance. These benefits manifest in as little as 3 -5 minutes!

Property Management

Every landlord knows the dangers of a vacant property. Aside from the lost income stream, abandoned houses are havens for crime, pests, and property damage.

Professional lawn services save the time and effort of basic maintenance such as mowing, edging and weed control. Regular upkeep increases the curb appeal of rental homes.

Such services protect the property from water and wind erosion, soil degradation, and help prevent foundation or structural damage by regulating soil saturation. Regular tree trimming protects the home from storm damage due to broken branches.

The Grounds Guys of Abilene

The Grounds Guys of Abilene are a locally owned and operated franchise serving Abilene and the surrounding areas with comprehensive, state of the art lawn care and landscaping services.

We offer everything from basic lawn maintenance to landscaping, hardscaping, water features, sprinkler systems, gutters, and outdoor lighting! Our highly-trained team is committed to excellence, service, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service.

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