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Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Native Ground Cover Plants That Are Best for Your Yard

    September 20, 2016
    If you are in Piedmont and looking for some great native ground cover plants to add more aesthetics to your yard, there are numerous options for you. At The Grounds Guys of Piedmont, we know the different types of plants native to South Carolina and how you can best take advantage of them to improve your landscape. Cast Iron Plant: While this isn’t strictly a ground cover plant, it has a low light ...
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  • Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

    September 13, 2016
    If you want to have a beautiful lawn, there are certain tasks you must perform. One thing you want to do is make sure you are providing the soil beneath the grass with the nutrients it needs. This is the process of aeration, which allows water and air to go through grass and reach the soil. Aeration is a penetration of the soil that helps roots grow deeper, making your lawn stronger and healthier. ...
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  • Get Started with Square Foot Gardening in Piedmont

    September 7, 2016
    Have you ever considered gardening, but were never sure where to start? Don’t worry. This is the case with many people. The fact is, gardening gives you plenty of options of what kind of plants to garden, if there will be vegetables or fruits, and how you are going to keep everything separated. One of the issues that people run into most when they first get started is keeping everything organized ...
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