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  • Stop! Don't Chop! It's Madness to Murder Crepe Myrtles

    February 13, 2017
    Crepe Myrtles are among the toughest, most adaptable, and showiest shrubs. A native of China and introduced to us in 1786 by Frenchman Andre Michaux, the "Lilac of the South" is the most popular flowering tree in the warmer, southern regions of North America. Crepe Myrtles are arguably one of the most beautifully branching flowering trees in the world and would easily enhance the look of any home ...
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  • January is the month to: Have Your Soil Tested

    January 25, 2017
    If your lawn and garden performed below your expectations last season, the reason might have nothing to do with the color of your thumb. Instead, the soil may be low in nitrogen or high in phosphorus. It’s impossible to tell your soil’s composition just by looking at it. Investing in soil testing eliminates the confusion of which fertilizer to purchase in the spring. The results of a soil test ...
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  • What Kind of Mulch is Best for Your Yard?

    October 6, 2016
    When you are trying to improve your landscape and yard, there are a number of things you want to consider, including what kind of mulch to use. Mulch comes in many forms, but deciding which is best for you is dependent on what you want your home to look like, the kind of plants you have, and the purpose of the mulch. Here are some of the best types of mulch and how they are commonly used so you ...
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